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“When looking for
“When looking for
“When looking for
“When looking for
a new home or investment in a booming city like Dubai, the first thing
you find that the city’s market is made out of several smaller micro markets, and understanding them and navigating through them can be a daunting task. I have firsthand
knowledge with many of the real estate projects in the region. Our proposition value is to
present to our clients investments opportunities in the real estate sector and guide them
to maximize their return of investments throughout the whole venture.
As an experienced realtor in this dynamic market I know how I can save you money and
reduce your stress on your next home purchase or investment. Thank you for your interest in the Arthur Mackenzy Real Estate We appreciates your time visiting our website
and allowing me to introduce you to myself and our company. Please contact me with
any questions on your real estate needs and I’ll be happy to get you started. Have a fantastic day and I look to hearing from you soon."

Founder & Chairman

Elevate your home game
 with expert  advice

Brokerage services

Our company specializes in the sales and rentals of properties across various countries, including the USA, Spain, Turkey, and the UAE. We carefully identify promising real estate developments in these areas and provide guidance and support to potential buyers, helping them to make wise financial and lifestyle investments. Our team is dedicated to maintaining a high level of expertise in the field of real estate, and we work hard to offer personalized properties and services that meet the unique needs of each client. We also have a skilled sales team that can help you resell your investment when the time is right. To date, we have sold over 30 million square feet of real estate. Our company was established in the UAE during a period of economic uncertainty in the region.

Secure investment

We operate as a trustworthy representative for our investors, ensuring their interests are protected throughout the rental process. We take care of every aspect possible, including managing all necessary legal documents. Additionally, we provide regular financial statements that clearly outline the property's income and expenses, keeping our clients informed of their investment's performance.


19 years
of work

We established our presence in Dubai in 2004 due to the city's robust growth as a leading global destination for commerce, tourism, sports, and culture. 

Unique service

Our goal is to provide a distinctive service that combines global presence with local expertise.


We are dedicated to ensuring our clients are satisfied with our services.


Our company is a hub for fresh ideas in the real estate industry, providing innovative solutions and creative insights to our clients. 


Increase market share

Our objective is to increase our market share by expanding our services and establishing a stronger presence in different regions. We aim to accomplish this by offering quality services, providing excellent customer support, and building strong partnerships with clients and partners.

Improve customer satisfaction

We strive to improve customer satisfaction by providing personalized services and customized solutions that meet their unique needs. We aim to establish a long-lasting relationship with our clients by providing them with quality services and exceeding their expectations.

Enhance brand image

Our objective is to enhance our brand image and increase brand recognition in the market. We aim to accomplish this by maintaining high standards of professionalism, promoting our services through effective marketing strategies, and building a strong online presence.

expand services

We aim to expand our services by offering a wider range of property-related services. We plan to accomplish this by hiring experts in different fields, investing in technology, and conducting market research to identify new opportunities.

increase profitability

Our objective is to increase profitability by optimizing our resources, improving operational efficiency, and maximizing revenue streams. We aim to accomplish this by implementing cost-cutting measures, exploring new revenue streams, and improving our overall financial performance.

build strong partnership

We aim to build strong partnerships with clients, investors, and other stakeholders by fostering trust, transparency, and mutual respect. We plan to accomplish this by developing a clear communication strategy, delivering quality services, and maintaining high ethical standards.


Experienced and dedicated professionals who make up our company and are 

committed to provide exceptional services to our clients.

Arthur Mackenzy Properties Group

chairman & ceo




operational Manager


Director of Sales

muhammad Adil

Mobile: +971 56 188 8012

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